Junk Food Being Pushed in the Food Industry


Many of the population in the UK have self-educated themselves as to what steps to take for healthier eating. As a result, a lot of people try to refrain from buying junk food that they feel may affect their overall health.

This means that food advertisers for this category of food have to work harder and be more creative at reaching their target market and swaying them to purchase. A good example is that many of what are considered junk food producers have reduced the size of some of their products. Take for instance the size of some chocolate bars that have gone through a size reduction. However, the ads for this particular brand of chocolate bar may be portraying the bigger sized product. When the consumer goes to buy the product they often end up picking up the smaller sized one because it is available to them in abundance. However, the price has not been reduced to be on par with the size reduction.

There are some concerns that this particular category of the food industry is not recognizing the potentially serious health consequences of what too much consumption of junk food can lead to.