Is Food Industry Creating Too Much Plastic?


The preservation of the world’s environment has become a big issue over the last several years. The concerns keep growing and a lot of pressure is being placed on the different industries to try and find ways to limit the damage to the environment that their particular type of business may be creating.

The food industry being made up of many different categories has a big responsibility to see that every segment of the industry is doing their part. One area of concern is the amount of plastic that Supermarkets are using in their day to day activities.

Statistics are showing that in the UK that there is almost 1million tonnes of plastic being used in this segment of the food industry every year. Why this is raising such a serious concern is because plastic can be very difficult to dispose of in a safe manner.

Efforts are being made not only to create awareness but to hold Supermarkets accountable for the amount of plastic they use. One way that is being proposed is to set up a reporting system that will indicate how much the markets are using. If it passes a certain threshold then that particular Supermarket would have to pay a specific amount of money for this.

It is probably going to have to be a joint effort on the part of the environmental officials, the Supermarket owners as well as those who patronize these stores to help reduce the overall usage. Patrons can have a powerful impact by reducing the amount of plastic wrapped foods that they purchase. Supermarket owners will be more inclined to be transparent about the plastic they use if they see that there can be an alternative to this.