Can Foods Like Bacon Be Made Healthier?


Among the many different categories within the food industry, there is the food production. This is a segment of the industry that is responsible for creating new and different kinds of foods. It will also take on projects to take foods that are already available like bacon and try to enhance it to make it healthier.

Bacon is a good example to use because it is one of the most favoured foods yet a lot of people worry about consuming it. This is because bacon is known to contain a lot of preservatives as well as nitrates. One company in the UK seems to have rectified this with their work on creating a bacon that does not contain these ingredients or any preservatives nor E numbers and not even allergens.

The concern is that bacon comes under the umbrella of processed meat. Research has indicated that process meats contain carcinogens that can be harmful to the health. This new offering of bacon that is proposed as being much healthier has been flavoured with fruits from the Mediterranian and has natural spices incorporated into it. It sounds healthy and exciting but will it be widely accepted by the consumers?