Trends in Kitchen Design


Whether you’re looking to update the kitchen in your home, or hoping to freshen up the professional kitchen in your restaurant, having an idea of the latest design trends can go a long way in providing some inspiration as to what look you should go for. When designing a kitchen, it’s essential that not only does it look good, but it should be practical too. Before creating a design, you should first consider what features are crucial and where things will be best placed to make it functional.

Colour and Wallpapers

A growing trend is emerging when it comes to adding a splash of colour in the kitchen environment. Brave colour choices are becoming popular, whilst still remaining tasteful to avoid the tacky look nobody craves. Dark greens and deep purples are proving particularly sought after. You could consider adding a wallpaper from to the kitchen to make an even bolder colour statement.

Compact Minimalism

Recently we’re witnessing a turn towards minimalism and compact designs. Keeping it simple and sleek can still make a bold design statement. Minimalism is particularly useful when presented with a smaller space; consider going for bright and airy colours to assist in making the kitchen look larger and maximise any possibilities to bring in natural light.


Storage space is always essential in a kitchen; however, the way in which it’s implemented can significantly complement the design of the room whilst also adding some extra practicality. Recent trends are seeing some creative solutions with storage in smaller kitchens; such as wall-to-floor cupboards with different shelves, pull out spice-racks and revolving, circular shelves that assist in accessing the full space.

Bold colour and wallpaper statements, sticking with simplicity and maximising storage can all be powerful and practical tools when designing your kitchen with recent trends in mind. Consider what features are necessary for your kitchen then have a good time creating your designs.