Foods to Ignite Your Sex Life


Are you are feeling as though things have slowed down between the sheets? Maybe you have a new lover, and you are looking for ways in which you can boost your sexual health. Whichever the case, did you know that the foods you eat could have a direct impact on your sexual performance? Actually, there are a lot of research studies that have linked poor food choices with poor sexual performance. Some foods are known to interfere negatively with libido. At the same time, others cause health complications such as obesity and high blood pressure. These conditions end up drastically reducing your sexual vigour. Below are some of the foods that have been found to improve sexual health:

  • Fish; forget about the smell that can be a turn off in bed and focus on the health benefits. Fish has omega-three and fatty acids that are important in improving blood circulation. They also have minerals such as zinc and vitamins that promote heart health and prevent clogging of arteries.
  • Nuts; the L-arginine that is found in nuts such as cashew and peanuts plays a vital role in promoting blood flow. Proper blood flow helps to prevent conditions such as erectile dysfunction that not only affects sex life but brings about self-esteem issues in men; with some even reporting cases of depression.
  • Red wine; if you ever need a reason to indulge in a glass of your favourite wine, then this should be it. Scientists did research among several women and found that drinking wine improved blood flow and increased lubrication and stamina, which made sex more enjoyable to them. Moreover, some women have found that drinking wine with someone they love and trust lowers their self-consciousness and makes them open to enjoying sex more.
  • Chocolate; there is a reason why most Valentine boxes are filled with chocolates and wine. Dark chocolate has a way of awakening pheromones in the body. It also boosts the feel-good hormone, dopamine and sends blood racing in the pulse, which is the right recipe for having a fulfilling sex life.
  • Oysters; many cultures appreciate the health benefits of eating oysters, including how it helps with sexual health. They are rich in zinc and other minerals. They also help to balance the testosterone levels in men.

Many other foods can be used to improve sexual health, such as berries and white meat. The critical factor is to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water so that the body generally remains fit and healthy.