Favourite Foods of the UK


As with any country, the UK and all of its different regions have their own collection of favourite foods that they are recognized for. For those that live in the UK, they have many different dishes that they will tell you are the ones they like best. For visitors. time limits them as to how many different dishes: they can try, but most always return home raving about one or two of them.

The Full Breakfast
It is common knowledge that breakfast is the main meal of the day. The British perhaps adhere to this moreso than many other countries. A full breakfast is what you can expect to start your day in many parts of the UK. It will consist of bacon and sausages as well as eggs, and of course the famous English cup of tea.

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips became known in the UK back in the 1860’s. Since that time it is near the top of the list of one of the most common and most favoured meals in the country. This food fare opened the door for new businesses in the food industry who decided to just specialize in this one dish. You will not visit too many parts of the UK where you will not see at least one fish and chips shop, and most likely several of them in the region you are visiting.

The Roast Beef Dinner
Another iconic meal. For many Sunday is the day where the big meal is prepared and enjoyed when all of the family members are home. The traditional meal at this time is the roast beef dinner. The delicious roast of beef is served with roasted potatoes a variety of veggies that will vary each week and the traditional Yorkshire pudding. All of this is smothered with a wonderful helping of rich gravy.

Steak and Kidney Pie
If the traditional roast beef dinner is not being served then it most likely will be the steak and kidney pie. This is a dish that consists of diced beef along with kidney that may be pork, lamb or beef. Onions are added to the mix and finally a good portion of gravy to bring it all together. All the ingredients are baked in a pie fashion, and the pastry just tops off all the other wonderful ingredients.

Many of the dishes that people are so found up are often identified by the region where they were first introduced. For example, Yorkshire pudding, or Cumberland sausage.

No commentary on UK foods would be complete without mentioning the very famous bangers & mash or shepherds pie.

Many of these dishes also are quite popular in other countries like Canada and the United States, but they just don’t seem to be quite the same as when they are enjoyed in the UK atmosphere.