Becoming a Kitchen Porter


It is not uncommon for many that are looking to enter into the food industry to think that being a kitchen porter is not a very exciting or worthy position to fill in this industry. This way of thinking is because many don’t understand the importance of it.

Without quality and passionate kitchen porters being part of a food establishment it most likely will not run very well.

The kitchen porter does most of the behind the scene work that allows the other kitchen staff the ability to perform their tasks in an effective and successful manner. The duties of the kitchen porter range from doing the dishes, maintain the food inventory and ensuring that all of the hygienic measures are being carried out. If any of these are missing in a business that is working with food then that business will surely suffer.

Starting out as kitchen porter can also help the individual decide whether the food industry is for them. In many cases, it is on the job training but there are some good courses available food porters that may help them get into job positions in higher calibre establishments.